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Studie von Proderma – Hautzentrum in Bad Homburg

Comparison Study

Between the diode lasers:

  • MeDioStar with a single wavelength of 808 nm
  • MeDioStar miXT with a fixed combination comprising two wavelengths, 808 nm and 938 nm

The aim of the study is to compare the affectivity and side effects of both lasers in half-side treatments as a basis for the FDA-Approval for hair removal (miXT).


  • Different skin types
  • Different body regions

Exclusion criteria:

  • The use of medication that increases light sensitivity
  • Cancer, precancerous or tattoos in the treated areas
  • Pregnancy
  • Suntanned patients or those with strongly pigmented skin
  • Patients with a tendency to melasma or hyperpigmentation
  • Patients with active infections in the treated areas
  • Patients with an unrealistic expectancy


  • Photo documentation of the area to be treated in sufficient detail as to be identified in pre and post treatment pictures
  • Shaving prior to treatment
  • Test treatment to establish parameters and patient comfort
  • Comparison photo documentation following treatment
  • Completion of a protocol for each patient/treatment including:
    • Date
    • Treatment
    • Laser type
    • Laser settings
    • Treated area
    • Level of pain
    • Treatment and general observations as relevant
    • Documentation and quantitative comparisons as conducted
    • Level of patient comfort (pain) Scale 0 – 10 where 0 is no pain

Post treatment:

Post treatment was the same in all cases

  • Cool-packs (ca. 8°C) for a minimum of 5 minutes
  • Sun avoidance, or use of sun-blockers between treatments or for a minimum period of 5 weeks

This patient showed a rapid improvement not only in hair reduction but also in folliculitis. No significant difference between areas treated with either laser. Lighter facial hair was quickly removed on the cheeks whilst the stronger growth on the chin requires further treatment. The hair in the frontal chin region is still very strong on both sides although the patient felt they were not so bristly. The neck and jaw regions with a lighter hair growth are appreciably better.

Diode miXT (808 + 938) Patient right side – Diode (808) Patient left side

Hypertrichosis since age 14 shaved daily. Hormone status in normal range. An acceptable result after three treatments but more are required. No significant difference between areas treated with either laser.

This transsexual patient has been in treatment for hair removal for several years. Last previous treatment was for 16 months. Hormone treatment is usual for a patient of this type. This patient is exceptionally pain sensitive. Basic treatment mode was used for all treatments, increased impulse times tend to increase the level of pain. No significant difference between areas treated with either laser after 2 treatments.

This patient has hypertrichosis for over 10 years, since the start of her menopause. Patient suffers from severe scaring due to foliculitis as a result of plucking the hairs. It is of note that with this patient not only is there a significant reduction of hair but also a softer definition of the scaring. Foliculitis is considerably reduced due to lack of plucking.

Although in the initial picture the patient left side would appear to have more hair than the right side this is primarily due to the patients habit of plucking one area at a time. Over a period of 4 months and a reduction of plucking by the patient both sides would appear to be equally balanced.

Initial condition – Treatment – Diode miXT (808 + 938) Patient right side – Diode (808) Patient left side


Evaluation of the results:

Despite the slightly reduced level of absorption of the wavelength 938 in melanin there were in all aspects of treatment no notable differences observed between areas treated with either laser, neither in consideration of effective hair removal or patient discomfort. Differences in both qualitative (visual and patients personal feelings) and quantitative measurements are minimal and can in our opinion be ignored as statistically insignificant.

Side effects:

A slight redness (erythema) of the treated area and light oedema around the hair follicles are normal following laser hair removal. There were no cases of hyper- or hypopigmentation, scabbing, or scaring. None of the patients felt discomfort following the treatments except for a light warm feeling in the treated areas. One of the patients was exceptionally pain sensitive.

Treatments, observations and Documentation were conducted by:

Dr. Paul Wood
Dr. Ulrike Elvers

Proderma – Hautzentrum in Bad Homburg
Schwedenpfad 2
D-61348 Bad Homburg